Use Cases

Enterprise Search/Insight Engine

Searching for information is a key part of an employee’s work life. In 2012, McKinsey estimated that an employee can spend nearly 20% of their productive work time looking for information.

Making information easier to find makes employees more productive and reduces training time. It can take 1-2 years for new employees to become fully productive, so reducing their non-productive time therefore reduces training time.

  • Symilarity’s Insight Engine improves your internal search experience, providing better tools and enriching your data.

Customer Experience:
Site Search

Clients prefer to use your website rather than contact you.  As direct contact is more expensive, it makes sense for the business too. So, we need to ensure their online search experience is a good one.

Symilarity’s API’s (application programming interface) enables you to integrate an excellent search experience within your site.

  • Filter with facets, eliminating unnecessary results.
  • Rank results by relevance, not just keyword matching.
  • Recommend results using similarity matching.
  • Use machine learning to rank results based on the user query.
  • Use synonyms to accommodate spelling errors.

Customer Support

Answering customer queries can often involve looking for information in multiple systems or places. Bringing that information together under a single unified search can reduce the time taken to find information.

Symilarity can:

  • Provide self-service opportunities for clients, which therefore reduces agent load.
  • Where direct contact is needed, reduced waiting time improves the customer experience, which improves agent efficiency and reduces cost per contact.

Patent Matching

Organisations with high R&D costs using patents to protect their intellectual property want to understand the patent landscape before committing large budgets. The language used within patents often obscures the information you are seeking.

  • Symilarity’s Machine Learning capability can often uncover related terminology that can make it easier to find related patents.

CV Matching

You know what a good CV looks like but there are typically many to trawl through. Searching often requires using multiple searches to capture the variations in terminology.

  • Symilarity’s Machine Learning uncovers the relatedness of words and so searching for one term automatically searches for related terms.
  • Symilarity enables the use of a “Good CV” as a template and will find other similar CVs based on that template.

Insurance Fraud Matching

Facing a barrage of natural catastrophe insurance claims?

Symilarity can assist by:

  • Matching the claims against each other to see which claimants have copied previous successful claims.
  • Train the classifier with known fraud claims and run in real time against your incoming claims, enabling you to spot the fraud in real time.


Investigation tasks are often characterised by large data volumes from multiple sources.

Symilarity’s Insight Engine uses Machine Learning to automatically generate related terms, like synonyms, enabling a search term to represent more than the specific words used.

  • Term similarity provides an insight into the content of the data.
  • Whole documents can be used as search terms.
  • Natural language functionality enables key content to be extracted into a graph database for further analysis.
  • Symilarity’s Principal Components Analysis (PCA) can help understand the overall composition of a dataset.

Symilarity’s software products can be used to solve many business problems.

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