Improving Business Processes with
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Intelligent Search & Matching

Intelligent Search and Matching

Symilarity’s Insight Engine uses Machine Learning to provide a “search engine like” experience to organisations wishing to search their internal data. Specific use cases include candidate matching in recruitment, or identifying fraudulent insurance claims.

Intellignet Classification

Intelligent Classification

Symilarity’s Intelligent Classification Machine Learning Software splits documents into fragments, classifies them and extracts relevant data. This technology has many applications and is used to power Symilarity’s Contract Risk Analysis System.

intelligent "Know Your Customer"

Intelligent “Know Your Customer”

Symilarity’s Machine Learning powered Due Diligence and Compliance Services use Transaction Narrative data to find a merchant’s online presence and determine the nature of their business and Merchant Category Code.

Intellignet Text extraction

Intelligent Data Extraction

Symilarity’s Document Parsing Software provides user configured text extraction from PDF documents. This can be used for robotic process automation and applied to documents such as invoices, receipts and credit card statements.

intellignet image detection

Intelligent Image Detection

Symilarity’s Image Detection Software uses Machine Learning to review large quantities of images, leaving just the relevant ones. See our use case on identifying and counting cattle from aerial images.

intelligent location prediction

Intelligent Location Prediction

Symilarity’s Location Prediction Software uses Machine Learning to find causal relationships between events based upon their time and location. The model can then be used to predict future events.

Symilarity’s software products can be used to solve many business problems.

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